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About Us


Brian & Angie Hathorn - Owners

As a leading provider of Home Care Services, we take pride in offering the best care service. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. We are joint commission Accredited & Medicare Certified.

Find the right solutions to your health and medical needs with services from Agape Home Care Services based in Lufkin, TX. We specialize in providing you with a unique approach to helping you reach your specific health goals. Our team of experts help you recognize the problems and take action to decrease or eliminate potential impacts to your health.

Each person is different and our customized approach, tailored to individual needs, allows us to create achievable goals that are based on your lifestyle and physicality. At Agape Home Care Services, we use state-of-the-art tools to identify your issues easily and effectively. Our health specialists are committed to help you make the changes in your life and health care.

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Our Nursing Staff will
      Educate our patients on their disease process and symptoms
   that might occur during their illness.
      Assess the patients vital signs on a regular basis and notify 
   the physician of significant changes.
      Establish safe parameters for the assessment of vitals signs
   and intervene with the physician as needed.
      Assess for symptoms of exacerbation of the disease and 
   notify the physician of potential problems before serious issues
      Educate all patients on the appropriate diet required to 
   manage their condition.
      Instruct patients on emergency management of their disease
      Educate patients on the use of medical devices including 
   glucometers, oxygen, nebulizers, kangaroo pumps and wound     
      Perform an in-depth depression screening at the start of care 
   and at recertification.
      Perform a fall risk assessment and implement a fall 
   reduction plan for those at high risk for falls.
      Evaluate a patients pain level and provide a plan for pain    
   management with the assistance of the physician.
      Collaborate with the physician to maintain the highest level 
   of health and functioning for our patients.