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Skilled Nursing

  • Assess and manage all disease processes to decrease the need for hospitalizations or doctor’s office visits. 
  • Educate the patient regarding his/her disease process with easy to understand visual aids and tools to assist the patient with managing his/her health needs
  • Assess for symptoms of exacerbation of an illness and notify the physician of the potential problems before serious issues arise.
  • Educate the patient on medical devices including glucometers, oxygen, nebulizers, feeding pumps wound vacs.
  • Perform fall risk assessments and implement a fall reduction plan for those at high risk for falls.
  • Provide pain management with the assistance of the physician.
  • Assess the patient’s need for assistive devices and make arrangements for the home delivery of these devices.
  • Assess the need for assistance with personal care and activities of daily living.  Set up home health aide and make referral for provider services if needed.
  • RN on call after hours, weekends and holidays to assist with health needs whenever they may arise.